Learn How to Run Webinars to Generate Sales

A Two Hour Workshop for Beginners

Webinars are an effective way to find new leads and grow sales.  It’s not surprising that 75% of sales and marketing professionals see webinars as one of the best ways to generate high-quality leads.  Between 20% and 40% of those who attend a webinar become qualified leads.  With valuable content and thoughtful execution, you can reach a webinar conversion rate of between 6% and 19%.

I’ve been running webinars for 6 years now and when I started out my conversion rate was 0%.  Yes – 0%.  But over the years I’ve learned from my mistakes and tuned into what works.   Recently I had my highest conversion rate ever at live webinar at 33%.  Running webinars is the number one tactic I use to grow my business, which has doubled in size every year for the last three years.  What to learn how I do it?

I share everything I’ve learned about planning, promoting and hosting live webinars in this two hour workshop

Here is I what I covered:

  1. Considerations with Setting Campaign Goals
  2. Getting real on figures… getting your expectations right
  3. Setting your Budget V’s Earnings potential
  4. What you need to consider when setting a date for your webinar
  5. Creating an effective landing pages
  6. Essential integrations for your landing page
  7. Hosting your webinar
  8. Email Sequences before and after webinars
  9. Organic and paid ways to promote your webinar
  10. Maximizing Show up Rates
  11. The Formula for Webinar Delivery to Maximize Sales

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Louise McDonnell

Louise McDonnell

An award-winning social media trainer and strategist, Louise McDonnell has worked in the digital space since the early 1990s. She founded her Social Media Academy in 2009, training clients in how to optimise social media to achieve commercial stand-out and boost sales. Louise has worked with over 20,000 students online and in-person in the past ten years alone, training them quickly and effectively to leverage the power of social media to increase conversions and grow customer numbers, using both organic and paid content. She is a best-selling author of Facebook Marketing, The Essential Guide and an annual Social Media Planner & Guide, used by thousands of businesses to manage occasions-based social and digital media marketing performance. The Social Media Academy uses Louise McDonnell’s signature ‘Six-Step System’, training individuals and organisations in a simple process-driven system that produces quantifiable results in just weeks.