Social Media Starter Kit

Create Professional Social Media Channels in Minutes

Perhaps you are feeling unsure of how to brand and optimise your social media channels?  Or maybe you don't have the time to thrall through the Internet and consider many conflicting pieces of advice.  This Social Media Starter Kit has all the tools you need to optimize your social media channels in a matter of minutes.  

What's Included

  • A step by step tutorial on how to create a Brand Board in Canva.  This will help you use your logo, brand colours and logo consistently. 
  • Brand Board Template (Canva)
  • A tutorial on creating profile pictures for social media
  • Profile Picture templates  (Canva )
  • A tutorial on customizing social media cover images 
  • Cover Picture Templates for Facebook   LinkedIn, Twitter (Canva)
  • A tutorial on writing effective Bio's 


Tools to Help You Succeed

  • Brand Kit

    Your brand identity is the foundation of all marketing activities. This kit includes a template and step by step tutorial on how to create a Brand Kit in Canva. This will make it easy to stay on brand, by using colours, fonts and logos consistently.

  • Modern Templates

    Choose from a selection of 6 templates for Facebook, Instagram (Highlights), LinkedIn and YouTube Cover Images. A step by step tutorial is included on how to adapt templates to brand colours and fonts. Suitable for coaches, hair and beauty salons, yoga and pilates instructors and anyone with a modern brand look.

  • Bright Templates

    Suitable for tourism and activity centres, healthcare professionals, travel agents and sole traders. These vibrant templates can be completely customised to your brand colours and fonts. A step by step tutorial is included. Suitable for Facebook, Instagram (Highlights), Linkedin & YouTube Cover Images.

  • Corporate Templates

    These templates are more formal and are suitable for auctioneers, medical practitioners, agencies, non profit organisations and governments bodies. They can be used on Facebook, Instagram (Highlights), Linkedin and YouTube Cover Images. All templates can be easily adaptable to brand colours and fonts and a step by step tutorial is included.

  • Compelling Bio's

    It takes less than two seconds for someone visiting your social media channels to form an opion about your account. Will they follow? Will they seek more information? Will they just go away? In this tutorial and workbook learn how to write completing bio’s on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tiktok

Transform your Social Media Channels in Minutes

The Social Media Booster Kit will transform your social media channels in a matter of minutes and give a professional look that will set you apart from your competition
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Start boosting your social media channels within minutes with this Social Media Starter Kit which will save you time and make you more money

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Who is the Social Media Starter Kit For?

The Social Media Booster Kit has been designed for small businesses who do not have access to professional graphic designers to create social media cover images.  

The Kit is a powerful tool for businesses that want to learn how to use social media to drive sales including

  • Life Coaches
  • Health & Wellness Coaches
  • Business Coaches
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Business in the Hospitality Sector
  • Yoga, Pilate & Holistic Practitioners
  • Professional Services (Solicitors, Auctioneers, Travel Agents etc.)
  • Retail and ECommerce

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