How to Create Video Content Using Canva

Live Training 22nd April

In this session, we will look at how to construct your message into bite sized chunks that make it easy for your audience to swallow and some easy tips for creating engaging and eye-catching video content using Canva.

This training session is free for members of the Social Media Academy or you can pay a one off fee of €99 to access it with playback.  

Here's what is covered:

  • The Importance of video in your marketing plan 
  • Getting clear on your message
  • How to create a video using Canva
  • How to reuse old content to create something new 
  • Adding music to your video 
  • How to upload and resize your video for different channels
  • Tips to remember

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This training is free for members of my Social Media Academy or you can pay a one off fee to attend and watch it on playback

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