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Derval Dunford

Knows Facebook Inside Out

Derval Dunford

Louise really knows Facebook inside out. She is patient and can explain it all very simply....

Why you need to do this training..

This is the first course anyone should do when starting to use Facebook as a marketing tool.

Consumers are moving at speed, generally on a mobile device. Only businesses and organisations that effectively brand their channels and stay on message will catch the attention of fast moving consumers.  To be successful, businesses should clearly position themselves by communicating to prospects why they are different and why they should do business with them.

In this course learn 

  • The fundamentals about branding and why you need to brand your Facebook page

  • Best practice for profile and cover images

  • All about page set up

I have developed this course having trained and mentored over 8000 businesses and non profit organisations.  I know the issues they face, and the common mistakes they make.  This course is clear, concise and is the fist step in any Facebook marketing strategy.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to Brand Your Facebook Business Page & Position Your Business

    • Introduction to How to Brand your Facebook Business Page
    • Introduction to Branding on Social Media
    • HowtoBrandYourFacebookPage Tutorial 1 Handouts
    • Setting up a Profile Picture for a Facebook Business Page
    • HowtoBrandYourFacebookPage Tutorial 2 Handouts
    • Setting up a Cover Image or Video for a Facebook Business Page
    • HowtoBrandYourFacebookPage Tutorial 3 Handouts
    • How to Use Page Setup to Brand a Facebook Page
    • Understanding Facebook Page Templates & Tabs
    • HowtoBrandYourFacebookPage Tutorial 4 Handouts