Facebook Marketing - Common Issues for Beginners

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Over the last 10 years I have trained and coached over 8000 businesses, community groups and non profit organisations on how to use Facebook effectively as a marketing tool.  

The issues I cover in this short 20 minute tutorial are so common!!  The good new is - I have the answers here!  

In this short 20 minute tutorial you will learn:

  1. The difference between a personal profile and a business page
  2. How to get set up to achieve optimal results
  3. The advantages of being set up properly
  4. How to identify if you are an administrator of a Facebook business page
  5. How to add and remove administrators to your Facebook business page
  6. The difference between a Facebook page “Administrator” and “Editor”
  7. The different levels of administrative access and what they mean
  8. Why it’s so important to have more than one administrator on your Facebook Page
  9. Common concerns employees have and how to address them
  10. 5 benefits of being set up properly

What others are saying..

Patrick Mulloy

Fantastic, Clear and concise

Patrick Mulloy

Fantastic, you explain it clearly and concisely, I have learned something from everytime I have heard you speak about fb marketing. Thanks very much more very good advice and info.
Annette Maughan

The basics 'explained'

Annette Maughan

Excellent - really hadn't a clue on the differences between Personal Profiles and Business Pages even though I've been on there for years. EVERYONE should take this beginners course.


Louise McDonnell

Louise McDonnell

Louise McDonnell is a social media marketing expert having coached and trained in excess of 8000 businesses since 2009. Louise has a particular expertise in Facebook Marketing and is the author of Facebook Marketing, The Essential Guide (published by Liffey Press). Louise was voted one of the top worldwide 50 Facebook Marketing Bloggers by Feedspot. Springborad.com has listed Louise as one of the top 108 digital marketing experts worth following and BloggerLocal has listed Louise as one of the top 10 worldwide Facebook experts!

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