Email Automations - Part 2 Of This 3 Part Series

In the second part of this email marketing series, we look at organising and scheduling your email automations using MailChimp. Let us help you make effective use of your time by reducing your overall admin work and plan out your email marketing campaign weeks in advance! 

Here's what's coming up; 

  • How to add your subscribers
  • Benefits of Zapier to your business
  • Creating a new sign up form for your business
  • How to adjust the marketing preferences
  • How to create and schedule the perfect automated e-mail

This training session is free for members of the Social Media Academy or you can pay a one-off fee of €99 to access it with playback.

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This training is free for members of my Social Media Academy or you can pay a one off fee to attend and watch it on playback

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