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Aine Carr

Highly Knowledgeable on Facebook

Aine Carr

Louise is highly knowledgeable on Facebook for Business and was able to communicate a lot of info in a very engaging, approachable manner. Louise is a marketeer first and foremost and always keeps focus on customer engagement.

Start Converting More Sales on Facebook

Step by Step - Exactly What you Need to Do

  • Having trained and coached over 8000 businesses and organisations - I know the issues you are having and what you need to CHANGE to start getting the results you need. 
  • This exact step by step system gets results. Learn how to start getting results without spending a cent. 
  • Learn how to use Facebook Ads so that you get a best return from your time and money
  • This is an investment in YOU, YOUR business and YOUR FUTURE
  • The skills you will learn in my course will help you for years to come!
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    $19.95How to Get Your Content Seen (Beating the Facebook Algorithm)

    Was $ $19.95..Once you understand what content to produce on your page, the next thing you will need to learn about is how to maxinmise organic reach. It is still possible to achieve good organic (non paid for) reach on Facebook. (The number of people who see your posts without you having to pay for it.) But it depends on a number of factors. In this tutorial we will examine the Facebook Algorithm and I will recommend good posting practices that help you achieve higher organic reach
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  • $99.00

    $99.00Facebook Marketing - The Six Step System to Success

    Was $199...NOW $99. This course offers in-depth and detailed content on aspects of Branding, Content Marketing, Beating the Facebook Algorithm and much more! Easily optimize your Facebook Ads to realize greater conversions and reduce your financial costs, grow likes and post engagements, and learn about some of the pitfalls that lead to Facebook failures.
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